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Let me be your guide – for a year!

Get live and direct access to me every week where I share all of my secrets to not just get paid media attention but get PAID WHILE DOING IT!
The Visibility Accelerator is my year-long online mastermind—with coaching from me every single week.

It’s for entrepreneurs who want bigger results, fast.

This high-touch online mastermind is my full end-to-end success system that’s never been available before. With weekly live calls with me and other experts!

Do you think your business might have a missing piece? If there’s no media in the mix, you’re right. I love ads and funnels (two core components covered in this mastermind!) as much as the next person... but because I land regular big media coverage too—my audience is more engaged, my ads are more successful, and people know that they can trust my work.

I’m going to show you how to do it too... when it all comes together, you’ll scream “Yes! This is what it’s meant to feel like—I knew it was possible!”

I don’t have to tell you how this unique mix is different from all other business coaching programs and mastermind groups.
“Having a sense of meaning and purpose is key to a thriving life. Susie Moore not only helps you discover your own purpose, but offers a practical guide to making it the driving force in your life and work.”
Arianna Huffington
Founder of The Huffington Post and Thrive Global
Who’s this for?
If you’re not where you know your biz could be (whether that’s 6-figure, multi-6 figure, or 7-figures plus) this is designed to elevate you and bring more ease into your business.  
Starting out brand new? I’ll show you how to create your offer and skip the costly mistakes the first time around.
If you already have an awesome offer, you can jumpstart your progress and skip to the specifics you care most about—game changing media coverage for your message, high converting evergreen funnels and the most cutting FB ads strategies that exist.

Wherever you start with me, I’m here to accelerate you.

You wouldn’t go out to sea without a compass, would you?

So why would you forge ahead in your business without a guide or plan?

Having built a multi-million dollar a year online coaching business with thousands of customers and industry leading sales numbers, there’s one thing I know for sure...
Nothing drives an online coaching or consulting business (and the impact you can make with your work) quite like the following:
A clear and compelling offer that has people excited to work with you
A high converting automated sales funnel, to attract new clients on autopilot, using evergreen webinars
Publicity/media features to drive high quality organic leads, social proof and massive credibility
A cutting-edge Facebook ads strategy to leverage that amazing new exposure and further amplify lead generation
Ongoing mentorship and support from industry experts
And if you’re here, I don’t have to tell you that having a clear strategy and accountability will accelerate your results and CHANGE THE GAME for your business and life.
By now you know that people who are featured in the media get crazy hot credibility in their field...
They have a bigger impact.
They sell products and services with greater ease.
They build greater authority via expert status.
They land paid speaking gigs, get offered book deals, and are served up influencer deals and unexpected collaboration opportunities.
They gain social media followers and email subscribers and a WHOLE LOT more (I mean, how long have you got? I can talk about this for days)!
All because they are VISIBLE.
That’s what you were made for, right? To be seen and serve in a bigger way?
The Visibility Accelerator is not a “course”. It’s an entire system for coaches, consultants and experts who want to reach the masses by bringing their business online.
One area that most coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs struggle with is expanding beyond their 1:1 and small group work. Or having offers that tick along nicely but never *SCALE*.

Their income, their exposure and their impact feels capped.
That’s why The Visibility Accelerator includes…
Phase 01
Phase 02
Phase 03
Phase 04
Phase 05


In Phase 1 you’ll learn the 4 F’s Framework (Feasibility, Foundation, Financial Success, Future Proofing) that’s the backbone of every successful online business.

Experience shows that every business needs core components in place.

You’ll receive my step-by-step plan to build your irresistible offer. We’ll cover more in this phase than some business classes teach in years… because we’ll zero in on the handful of actions that truly produce results. Entrepreneurs don’t have time to spend on strategies that get anything less than stellar outcomes for their product or service. Whether you’re new to offer creation or have been selling successfully for years - you’re guaranteed to love this! Templates included (now, I don’t know about you… but I LOVE quick and easy templates)!


In Phase 2, we’ll build your evergreen machine that will drive sales on auto-pilot using our cutting edge automated webinar strategy. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to sell more digital products or 1:1 coaching/consulting packages, automated webinars are THE engine that fuels multi-million dollar a year businesses.

We’ll show you exactly how they’re done! You’ll learn the most cutting edge strategies, how to set your webinar funnel up (all the techy stuff - the best stuff that doesn’t break the bank!) and how to optimise for maximise results.


In Phase 3, you’ll build massive credibility using my signature publicity framework, where you’ll learn the super successful step-by-step approach to get noticed, skyrocket your reputation, and attract new clients by becoming your own publicist.

You’ll also get access to our Rolodex of 1,400+ media contacts, called the Power Contacts Pocket List, and TWO highly customized 1:1 coaching calls with one of our amazing media coaches. I only bring in the best! They are not publicists - they are actual media professionals (editors and producers) as your coach.

We also host Q+A calls with editors and producers from the top media outlets throughout the year. These people are nearly impossible to access - and they show up just for you!


In Phase 4 you’ll learn the most up to date Facebook ads strategies, to maximise your exposure and bring you even more prospective customers, 24/7! To teach this, I’m bringing in my own Facebook ads manager, Andrew Hubbard. He’s sold tens of millions of dollars worth of digital courses and coaching products via Facebook ads and has run ads for Jay Shetty, Melyssa Griffin, Julie Solomon, Elizabeth Rider, Teachable and EasyWebinar and tons more! 

This is ninja stuff and isn’t available anywhere else, but I’m bringing it to you! Because it’s important you’re getting the best information in the industry, right?


.... Oh – and did I mention - you get WEEKLY group coaching calls with us for A YEAR (not to mention join the most encouraging community on earth)?

This is perhaps the best part. In fact, I don’t know a single other system that gives you this much support. Your success is my success. And I personally show up for YOU. Talk to me every week!

“I hustled, I quit my Exec HR Director job, and now I’m 2.5 years into running a 6 figure Workplace Culture Consultancy, and am now starting a coaching company to support 25-40 yr old professionals stuck in their careers. Thank you, Susie!”

Sophie Bryan
Career and Life Coach

“As soon as I came across Susie’s work, I immediately knew she was the Coach and woman to help me take my side hustle to the next level. I can honestly say it was a GAME CHANGER! The content and coaching was invaluable and my side hustle has grown into a full time coaching business.

My work has been featured on The Today Show and Australia's leading women's network and this is all within 6 months. I could not be more excited for the future, I really am living my dream. Working with Susie was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It wasn't just a game changer, it was life changing.”

Alison Shamir
Confidence & Career Coach

“Susie is a PR powerhouse!! Not only does she make landing prime time slots in national media (Today Show, Good Morning America, Cosmo, etc) look effortless, she’s one of the most connected PR experts I know! And she transforms media into big business opportunities – something most people struggle with. Run to work with her and learn her full system!”

Marielle Legair
Personal Brand Strategist

“Before starting FM2F, I was stuck trying to find ways to grow my podcast and brand without overextending myself. I didn’t know much about PR, and I didn’t even think I was enough of an expert to receive any placements. However, after taking the course, I realized that I definitely had information worth sharing that would help a much larger group of people and extend my audience much further.

My favorite part of the course was the pitching templates and the blog post idea list. I’ve used the exact template to pitch story ideas with minimal tweaking. I’ve been able to grow my audience and podcast listenership exponentially, and the extra income is great, too. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone!”

Maya Fleming
Podcaster + Founder of Gentler

“WIN! I just got a new $3,497 (my 30-day program) client from guest posting! $12,013 income in the past 5 months thanks to this program and community! Thank you, Susie!”

Kelly Rudolph
Life Coach + Hypnotherapist

“I’ve been running Facebook ads for the last 3 months to a new funnel I built. With a small spend of between $5-$10 per day I have been getting a token 1-2 sign ups a day. After my first article went live, I had 530 sign ups, 30 sales, 3 radio interviews and 3 coaching requests! I couldn’t believe it! Susie said this would happen – it did. She said we would get published – I did. She said it would grow my list better than before – it is. I just wish I started this a long time ago.”

Andrew Woodward
Finance + Money Coach

“Someone read my advice and then reached out immediately to hire me. The media elevates your credibility and brand so that you’re instantly trusted by the people who land on your article. I couldn’t recommend Susie or her course highly enough. I got a $20,000 client after writing a guest post and I couldn’t believe how organic and easy it was.”

Luisa Zhou
Online Business Coach

“Susie's evergreen webinar funnel training was super informative and helpful. I'd been thinking about creating evergreen funnels, but to be honest, all the parts and pieces seemed really overwhelming. Her training broke it down simply with step by step instructions my team and I were easily able to follow!"

Shanna Goodman
Brand Strategist

"We all know that media is an amazing way to be heard and seen - Susie and Heath showed us how to use that visibility to convert our readers and viewers to paying customers. They have a genius for communicating clearly and simply when talking about both the principles and the very specific details needed to set up an evergreen funnel. I have attended many workshops where funnel creation was taught. Theirs was the best because they are thoughtful, creative, know the tech inside out, and really understand where we were coming from. They also have tried lots of things and gave great suggestions about what to look for as we implement and test our own strategies. Most of all, where the process used to be intimidating, it is now quite manageable!"

Alexandra Stockwell
MD, author of Uncompromising Intimacy
Corinne Morahan
Founder of Grid & Glam
Tracy Campoli
Lifestyle and Wellness Coach
Kimberly Lucht
Life and Business Coach

I’m referred to as a media maven because it’s simple:

My students and I get the best results in the market.

Think of how you’ll feel when you get the same results.
Join other passionate entrepreneurs in going from ideas swimming in their minds and big dreams in their hearts to being in their favorite publications by filling in an application to schedule your free Visibility Call today!
here’s what members are saying already:
“The value of meeting and learning from Susie and her vast community of industry elites is not something you could experience on your own. Susie has worked hard to create her relationships and opens her heart to all of those who want to come to learn with and from her! She knows PR better than anyone, and can show you how to use it to make your business succeed to that next level!”
Julie solomon
Founder of The Influencer Podcast and Pitch It Perfect

Here’s what your path to becoming a VISIBLE expert and authority in your field looks like...

Take your first step to accelerating your visibility and kicking your business growth into high gear.

Step 01

Fill out the short application form in order to schedule a strategy session with our team.

Step 02

After hitting submit on your application form , if we can help you accelerate your business, you’ll hear from us within 1-2 business days to book a free strategy session with us.

Once you’re scheduled, get excited!

Here’s one critical thing I’ve learned over decade of helping build successful start-ups:

There’s one thing all successful entrepreneurs – whether they’re newbie Side Hustlers or billionaire CEOs – can’t live without: High quality information from experts who’ve seen the success they want to replicate.

Best of all for you, this high quality end-to-end system is available for you right away.
This is something that you wanna get your hands on, right?
The sooner you chat with us, the faster your results will be.
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